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Four-Step Restoration Process Fixes Fire Damage

A fire in your home, business or warehouse can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to think about is cleaning up the damage. Not only can it be heart wrenching, but it can be dangerous as well. That’s when to call Steamatic of Sacramento. We’ve been in business since 1972 and have the expertise and the empathy to help you put the pieces back together again.  Here’s our four-step fire damage restoration process.

1. Emergency Services: 24-hour response to stabilize the environment, to pre-clean and set up drying equipment.
2. Structure Cleaning and Deodorization: ceilings, walls, floors, fixtures and indoor atmosphere.
3. Content Services: on-location cleaning of belongings or removal to our plant for cleaning, storage and return.
4. Build Back Services: structural repairs and referrals.

A Steamatic project manager will respond promptly to assess your loss and to get the emergency work started. Within 24 to 48 hours, he will produce a repair estimate for the additional cleaning and restoration services needed once the emergency is over.  Our project manager will work closely with your insurance adjuster to get your insurance claim settled and to get you back in business or back in your home as quickly as possible. Steamatic adheres to industry standards to ensure that the job is done right.  Three employees are Certified Restorers, the highest certification in fire damage repair.

Emergency Services Prevent Further Damage from a Fire
Time is of the essence after a fire. The damage increases, and the restoration costs go up the longer neutralization, corrosion control, dehumidification and cleaning are delayed. Our restoration teams have the training and experience to identify and process items and surfaces that need immediate attention.

Water extraction and drying equipment are often a high priority because of water use in fire suppression.  If the building and air aren’t dried properly, the resulting mold growth could be more damaging than the fire.

Our technicians take care to protect any areas of the building or furnishings unaffected by the fire. We will rush clean any clothing, furnishings or equipment you may need at a temporary location. We also can begin an emergency removal of belongings to our plant for safekeeping or for protection from on-site conditions.

If your premises must be secured following a fire, Steamatic will arrange temporary structural repairs, temporary fencing, and even hire a security service. We also handle debris removal.

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Structure Cleaning and Deodorization Go Hand In Hand
Our on-location restoration work includes cleaning walls and ceilings, carpets, floors, windows, counters, cabinetry, and fixtures. The type of smoke damage dictates the type of cleaning. Steamatic technicians understand how different building materials are affected in a fire and what restoration techniques will work best.

Cleaning the air also may be a high priority, either with ventilation or air scrubbing equipment.  We also clean the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system using EPA-approved sealants if necessary.

As for deodorization, source-removal cleaning of the indoor air and fire or smoke-damaged surfaces is always the first step.  However, when the situation requires, we also use dry or wet fogging or ozone to reduce odors. Steamatic may also remove some damaged building materials rather than clean them. Paint sealants may be warranted during the build back.

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Content Services Reduce Losses in Fire and Smoke Damage
Many belongings, furnishings and equipment can be restored, which saves money over replacement. In some losses, belongings can be cleaned on site, but other times it will be necessary to clean and store them off site.

 Steamatic uses sophisticated inventory software to document belongings before moving them to our state-of-the art facility. See our Content Services Page to learn how contents are cleaned and to get details about our specialty cleaning services for artwork, electronics and wet documents.  Steamatic will store your belongings in our plant and return them when building repairs have been completed.

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Fire and Smoke Damage May Require Build Back Services
Licensed as a general contractor, Steamatic provides selected demolition and build back services. However, when the fire damage is extensive, as when entire rooms or sections of a building are gutted, Steamatic brings in one of several well-qualified partners that specialize in fire damage reconstruction.  Steamatic refers or subcontracts outside reconstruction services to speed the completion of the work and to decrease the cost.

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Get Help with Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims
The purpose of fire damage restoration is to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. The funding usually comes from insurance proceeds.  However, the terms of an insurance policy may dictate whether restoration is feasible. When replacement coverage exists, it is generally less expensive to restore an item or structure than to replace it. However, if the damage is so extensive that it reaches the policy limit or if the loss will be settled at actual cash value, then professional restoration may not be cost-effective. Steamatic has the experience to work with you and your adjuster to help you make the wisest economic decision.

For helpful advice in making an insurance claim, we recommend the United Policyholders web site.

If you don’t have insurance coverage on your fire damage loss or just want to learn more about the fire damage restoration process from a neutral party, read Handling Smoke Damage after a Fire – Getting Soot and Smoke Out from the University of Florida Home Extension Service.

Another resource is After the Smoke Clears from the IICRC, the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC article was produced after the California wild land fires, but the advice is applicable to many fires. Also see our Emergency Tips page for steps you can take yourself to prevent further damage

Industry Standards Establish Best Practices for Restoration
Steamatic adheres to the industry standard for cleaning and restoring buildings. The industry bible is the NIDR Guidelines for Fire and Smoke Damage Repair published by the Restoration Industry Association, RIA.
Three of our top employees are Certified Restorers. Which is the highest certification available for fire damage repairs. Steamatic also is an IICRC-Certified firm.

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S.O.S. technician packs contents after a house fire.
S.O.S. technician packs contents after a house fire.
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